International Protein India

As a specialist Nutritionist working with competitive bodybuilders from all levels of the sport we understand the need for nutritional products that are high quality, good tasting, moderately priced, simple to use and have the flexibility to be used at many phases of the training year.

Food, Nutrition and Performance; it’s our life, it’s what we know.

Owner’s experience

I have spent the last 10 years working in the Australian food industry, developing and selling products for other people. Having also spent 16 years competing in bodybuilding, both locally and internationally, I have been associated with several supplement companies through sponsorship. All of these companies have some good products, but I always found I had to alter their products to meet my changing nutritional requirements. It is this that has motivated me to create a company to deliver a range of Nutritional Sports Foods that meet my nutritional expectations and fit easily into the dietary systems that I use both on and off-season.

The Philosophy

At the core of International Protein are 5 key principles:

Taste – Quality – Affordability – Results – Flexibility

All of the International Protein products are developed around these principles. It is with great pleasure that I proudly introduce International Protein; Food for Growth I want to share my successful nutritional strategies with people who are serious about their body, their sport or their performance, so that they can reap the benefits of easy to use, highly functional sports foods and reach their ultimate goals.

Christine Envall

Director of International Protein