Plant Power Complete Protein 1Kg


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Plant Power Complete Protein 1Kg

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Plant Power Complete is one of our best plant-based protein powders, designed for high-performance athletes. It contains a unique blend of ingredients to provide you with essential amino acids as well as several different protein types to be a source of complete protein. If you have been searching for a vegan protein powder to complement your plant-based diet, this is it!

Plant-Based Protein Benefits

Why is there such hype around plant-based proteins right now? There’s a good reason for it, as plant proteins have many benefits.

  • High in fibre
  • Low in fat
  • Pea protein contains plenty of iron
  • Stay fuller for longer
  • Low in calories
  • Fight disease
  • Great for gut health
  • High in essential nutrients

Plant-Based Ingredients in Plant Power Complete

Complete Essential Protein

Pea and rice are two of the best plant-based protein sources, which is why they are included in this product. Pea and rice protein contain complementary amino acids which are further supported by the complete essential amino acid profile found in the ancient super-seed sacha inchi.

If you haven’t heard of sacha inchi before, it’s about time you did. These seeds are a powerhouse of vegan nutrition. Containing omega-3 as well as omega-6 fatty acids, they are a type of peanut that is native to Peru. They also offer protein, vitamin E, and beta-sitosterol for optimal nutrition.

Mung and Pea Peptides

Achieve instant recovery with these unique plant-derived protein peptides. Hydrolysed di & tri peptides from protein-rich mung bean and pea proteins take performance and recovery to the next level.

Not only will they help you recover, but pea peptides are fantastic for your skin and hair. That’s why they are so often found in beauty products. Pea peptides may also have antioxidant properties to protect the cells in your body from disease.

Mung beans are known to help with your digestive health, thanks to their high fibre profile. Plus, they can potentially keep you feeling full for longer which many people find useful for weight loss.

MCT Energy

Many so-called ‘vegan’ MCT powders still contain small amounts of dairy casein. Here at International Protein, we don’t do things by halves. That’s why we have designed Plant Power Complete as a truly vegan source of MCT. This incredible energy-rich, fast-burning fat source helps to spare muscle and fuel your gruelling workouts.

Organic Maca

Used as a powerful plant medicine for more than 3000 years, maca is packed with nutrients to support increased energy while reducing stress. It is full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help keep your muscles moving.

What are the benefits of maca? For one, it can drastically improve your mood. Studies have found that it helps to relieve anxiety and the symptoms of depression.

There is also some evidence to suggest that maca may improve endurance and speed, although the research in this area is still emerging, so watch this space.


Hate the taste of artificial sweeteners? So do we! That’s why the sweetness in this tasty product comes from a small amount of natural low GI organic coconut sugar and delicious natural flavours. We have carefully combined these for a perfect deliciously balanced flavour experience. We have made this best-tasting plant-based protein powder in the yummy flavours of choc cherry, ANZAC biscuit, and vanilla custard – all without artificial sweeteners!

Digestive Enzymes

There’s no point having all of the amino acids this protein powder contains unless your body will be able to absorb them effectively. That’s why we have added DigeZyme® digestive enzymes, including protease, to this product.

We selected DigeZyme® because it contains a blend of scientifically-chosen digestive enzymes that were each chosen for their effectiveness.

These enzymes help to break down proteins into simple amino acid chains and facilitate the absorption of these amino acids within the body.

Other Ingredients

The addition of vegan glutamine, leucine and methionine make Plant Power Complete Protein at least as good as whey proteins nutritionally, if not superior to them.

Plant-Based Protein vs Whey

One of our most commonly asked questions about our plant power range is what’s the best protein powder – plant protein or whey protein? So, let’s compare plant protein vs whey protein.

Plant Protein

One study on brown rice protein found equal results to those of whey protein for recovery, increasing strength, and gaining muscle. Plus, many people find dairy products tough to digest, so for these people plant protein is an excellent option. Of course, for vegans, plant protein will be the best protein supplement. But we recommend it for anyone, as we have created a protein powder that contains a complete range of proteins and essential amino acids.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is the go-to protein powder for many athletes and bodybuilders. It has a complete range of amino acids and is excellent for building muscle, getting stronger, and more. However, it is similar to our plant protein in all of these areas.

So, is plant based protein better? They are similar in terms of benefits, so the choice is really up to you! If you’re looking to eat more plant-based or have a dairy intolerance, you could benefit from switching to a plant-based protein. Or why not mix it up and have one of each per day?

How to Take Plant Power Complete

Simply mix 70g (2 scoops) of the protein powder with 400ml of water or your favourite plant milk.

This makes a tasty shake on its own or you can add other foods for a delicious non-dairy smoothie. Add a banana or some oats for an extra carbohydrate hit. Coconut yoghurt is a wonderful addition that will make your smoothie taste even creamier.

Consume 1-3 serves per day as a shake or mix with other wholesome foods for a protein pumped boost.


Vanilla Custard, Choc Cherry, Anzac Biscuit


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NUTRITION INFORMATION Serving size: 35 g Servings per container: Approx.28 Ave Qty per 35g serving Ave Qty per 100g
Energy 559 kJ 134 Cal 1596 kJ 382 Cal
Protein 21.2 g 60.5 g
Gluten 0 g 0 g
Fat – Total – Saturated 3.8 g 2.0 g 10.8 g 5.9 g
Carbohydrates – Total – Sugars 3.5 g 2.0 g 10.0 g 5.9 g
Sodium 349 mg 995 mg
 AMINO ACIDS TYPICAL PROFILE Essential Amino Acids  Ave Qty per 35g serving  Ave Qty per 100g
 Leucine  2207 mg  6307 mg
 Lysine  1269 mg  3626 mg
 Phenylalanine  1026 mg  2931 mg
 Valine  986 mg  2818 mg
 Isoleucine  866 mg  2475 mg
 Threonine  661 mg  1889 mg
 Tryptophan  645 mg  1844 mg
 Histidine  448 mg  1279 mg
 Methionine  394 mg  1126 mg
Non – Essential Amino Acids
 Glutamine & Glutamic Acid  4153 mg  11867 mg
 Aspartic Acid  2085 mg  5957 mg
 Arginine  1556 mg  4446 mg
 Serine  927 mg  2648 mg
 Proline  848 mg  2422 mg
 Alanine  808 mg  2308 mg
 Glycine  751 mg  2144 mg
 Tyrosine  722 mg  2062 mg
 Cysteine  193 mg  550 mg